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House for sale tricks

When you put up house for sale signs one after the other, and when you sell house after house all the time, like I do, you get to see all types of house buyers.

In the house for sale business one thing remains invariable: Home buyers only buy what they like. In other word, home buyers are full of emotions.

It’s crazy, but its true! Home buyers respond to how a property makes them feel. Sure, other factors are considered in their final home buying decision, but the first thing that counts is the emotional appeal of the house for sale that the home buyer looks at.

Here are a few house for sale tricks, some of these house for sale tricks are simple and quick, while other house for sale tricks require more time and investment.

The goal of these house for sale tricks is to make your house stand out from the competition. So here they are... house for sale tricks you must do...


House for sale tricks – Strategic house for sale improvements with maximum house selling impact

In order to sell your house, you must first get the home buyers attention, your house needs curb appeal, so… here are a few house for sale tricks.

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House for sale tricks # 1

If you can follow only one trick from all the house for sale tricks presented here, follow this one.

Make it shine! If your house lacks sparkle, if it is looking a bit tired, give your house a paint job, an exterior paint job.

It’s not that bad? Then spruce up the window frames, shutters and front door with a fresh coat of paint.

House for sale tricks # 2

Your house doesn’t need a paint job, but with all the construction that was going on last year the outside is full of dirt, give your house a bath!

It’s easier to do than you think. Just rent a high pressure washer from your local hardware store, and hose all that dirt down. Go from top to bottom, and follow the instructions.


House for sale tricks # 3

I have never seen a house buyer not noticing missing or torn shingles, bad gutters or broken downspouts. Not only will those defects lower your final house selling price, they can eventually damage your foundations, your basement and you inside walls. Check and fix your house roof and gutters.


House for sale tricks # 4

If your house sidings can’t be revamped with a paint job, change your house sidings. Or at least consider it. If your house doesn’t look good from the street, it will sell for less.


House for sale tricks # 5

The absolute must house selling tip… Clean windows, and easy to open and close windows. You must make your windows shine.

Your windows must be easy to open and easy to close. They also have to shine. So… take the dirt off, remove any paint splatters with a razor blade and wash and buff all your windows.


House for sale tricks # 6

It’s good to have clean windows, if fact it’s a must, but what if… they were decorated with flower boxes, filled to the brim with geraniums or petunias?

Window flower boxes are one of the cheapest House for sale tricks there is to give a little something to your house.


House for sale tricks # 7

Green is in! Curb appeal starts from the street… and what do we see from the street? Your lawn. Put some green on your lawn!

Use a greening fertilizer and some grass seeds. Within 10 days you should see some results. Make sure you trim the edges and get rid of the weeds. Keep the grass watered.


House for sale tricks # 8

If needed, patch-up your driveway. It’s not as difficult as you think. Use asphalt sealant (available in building supply stores) and a hard broom. For a minimal investment your driveway will look like new. And while you’re at it, sweep the walkways.


House for sale tricks # 9

Now that you know that it’s important to water all plants, the flowers, and keep the lawn trimmed, your next home for sale tip is to keep the outside of your house free of debris.

Remove children’s toys, sports equipment, bicycles, and any other loose items from your property.

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