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House for sale tricks, Mortgage Calculator, Ebook, Mortgage Reports for house buyers and real estate agents, Popup window tools - Calculette hypothécaire et l'aide aux églises martyres

House for sale tips, tricks, and information
House for sale secrets

How to sell your house faster and for more money : (House for sale secrets)

  • How a house seller can get the best home selling price for his property
  • Tricks, tips and tactics to sell your house!
  • Experienced real estate agent and webmaster author reveal the quick and easy secrets to selling your home... and possibly saving yourself thousands of dollars in the process
  • Sell your home faster
  • A must have if you are buying or selling a house … House for sale secrets details

JavaScript Loan Calculators for Website Owners, Real Estate Agents or Webmasters
Website JavaScript Payment Calculator

Increase your repeat visitors, install a mortgage calculator on your real estate website : (JavaScript payment calculator for website)

  • Dont't be alone, use a professionnal programmed mortgage calculator to increase your presence on the web, to help your customers with your laptop in their homes or when they visit your website on the Internet... and generate more leads and profits!
  • Canadian Mortgage Calculator
    Canadian and US Mortgage Calculator
    US Mortgage Calculator
    Bi-weekly vs Monthly Mortgage Calculator … JavaScript payment calculator for website details

JavaScript web Tools for webpage makers
JavaScript popup generator software

How to create JavaScript Popup windows : (JavaScript popup generator software)

Informational reports for home buyers
How to save on your mortgage

Selling or buying a house? The mortgage reports are a group of six mortgage and home-buying related reports for house buyers and home sellers : (How to save on your mortgage)

  • The Mortgage Reports gives you answers:
  • Avoid 10 deadly mistakes when applying for a mortgage!
  • The 10 most important questions to ask your mortgage officer!
  • The 5 biggest reasons to buy a house!
  • Refinancing: The 10 biggest mistakes!
  • The things you must know before you buy a house!
  • House buyer pitfalls and how to avoid them!
  • Information you must read before you go to the bank … How to save on your mortgage details

Reports and articles for real estate agents and realtors - real estate leads
Mortgage reports for real estate website

How to get qualified buyer and seller leads : (mortgage reports for real estate website)

  • The mortgage reports suite:
  • Makes your site interactive. Interactivity breeds trust and leads!
  • Personalizes your website. Personalization breeds sales!
  • Wit six teaser texts, ready to be installed on your website.
  • Send the reports to your visitors in exchange for their leads … Mortgage reports for real estate website details

Mortgage calculators for Canadian and US house buyers
Mortgage calculator for house buyers

Show your customers how much of a house they can afford : (mortgage calculator for house buyers)

  • Four mortgage calculators for real estate websites
  • 2 calculators for canadian house buyers (1 in English and 1 in French)
  • 2 calculators for US home buyers (1 in English and 1 in French).
  • The american loan calculator can also be used to calculate all kind of small loans (car payments - for example).
  • These calculators follow the French and the English numerical syntax.
  • Can calculate the principal of a loan if the periodic payments are known.
  • Mortgage calculators for real estate websites … mortgage calculator for house buyers details

Calculette de prêt et d'hypothèque en JavaScript
Calcul de prêt

Simulateurs de prêt hypothécaire pour les emprunts canadiens ou américains - en JavaScript : (Calcul de prêt)

  • Calculateurs pour site Internet d'agent immobilier
  • Le calculateur permet d'accroître votre présence sur le web et d'aider vos clients, chez eux avec votre ordinateur portatif, ou sur votre site Internet
  • 2 simulateurs d'emprunt hypothécaire en français
  • 2 simulateurs d'emprunt hypothécaire en anglais
  • Un moyen facile d'augmenter l'interactivité d'un site Internet d'agent d'immeuble... sans dépenser une fortune en programmation … Calcul de prêt détails

Soutien aux demunis et aux pauvres
Textes de Richard Wurmbrand, aide aux églises martyres

L'aide aux église matyres a besoin de donnateurs : (Textes de Richard Wurmbrand)

  • Les persécutés ont une voix : celle de Richard Wurmbrand
  • Ils ont vécu dans la croyance, on les a persécutés, il faut les aider!
  • L'entraide fraternelle est une oeuvre missionnaire qui fournit une aide précieuse aux démunis, auc pauvres et aux persécutés … Textes de Richard Wurmbrand détails


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